Don’t sit on the sidelines! Become an active SOPHE member volunteer

Volunteer to work on one of the following committees and/or Communities of Practice. These activities are eligible for CHES credits. 

If you are interested in volunteering on a committee, visit


Annual Meeting Planning Committee 
Plans, implements, and evaluates the SOPHE Annual Conference.

Advocacy and Resolutions Committee
Identifies priority health issues related to health education and advocates for funding and science-based policies. Reviews resolutions proposed by the SOPHE membership and refers them to the Board of Trustees for approval. Provides follow-up on implementation of the action steps of approved resolutions.

Audit Committee 
Selects independent audit firm and reviews audit results. (Note: SOPHE bylaws stipulate Board members only).

Awards Committee 
Develops and reviews awards criteria, encourages submissions to the SOPHE awards programs, evaluates and recommends awards winners, corresponds with nominees and award winners.              

Bylaws Committee
Reviews bylaws and prepares changes recommended by the Board for a vote of the SOPHE membership. 

Chapter Task Force
Explores issues related to chapter capacity and optimal function, with recommendations to Board of Trustees.

Continuing Education Committee 
Oversees SOPHE’s status as a multiple event provider of continuing education contact hours, and coordinates all distance learning.   

Communications Committee                                                                              
Contributes to communications trends and policies affecting SOPHE members. Strategizes outreach via National Health Education Week, #myimpact and the annual conference, to market health educators.  

Ethics Committee  
Facilitates responsible ethical pursuit by health educators of their profession.

Finance Committee
Develops SOPHE’s annual budget, reviews monthly accounting, and oversees SOPHE investments, SOPHE tax returns.

History Advisory Work Group
Oversees SOPHE’s documentation and celebration of SOPHE’s historical highlights.

Membership Committee
Develops and evaluates programs/strategies related to recruitment/retention of SOPHE members. 

Nominating/Leadership Development Committee
Nominates SOPHE members for office according to the SOPHE bylaws and coordinates leadership development.

Professional Development Committee
Oversees SOPHE’s Center for Online Resources & Education and programs to address continuing education needs of SOPHE members and the health and education workforce. 

Professional Preparation Committee  
Addresses quality assurance of professional preparation of health educators.  Coordinates National Implementation Task Force on Accreditation in Health Education, Community Colleges and Faculty Community of Practice.

Publications Committee
Develops criteria for SOPHE publications, evaluates new proposals, and oversees SOPHE-sponsored publications. 

Research Agenda Committee
Identifies research needs relevant to health education, creates awareness of needs among researchers and practitioners, and fosters links between health education research to practice and vice versa.        

Resource Development Committee
Develops plan to ensure the long-term financial stability & growth of SOPHE consistent with mission and strategic plan. 

Strategic Planning Committee
Develops and monitors the implementation of SOPHE’s strategic plan and tracking measures; recommends revisions to SOPHE’s Board of Trustees.


Communities of Practice

SOPHE members have access to the Community of Practice forum. Choose your special interest areas under my.SOPHE account demographics!

Anthropology & Public Health

Children, Adolescents & School Health

Emergency Preparedness

Environmental Health Promotion

Global Health
Healthy Aging

Health Disparities/Health Equity
Medical Care/Patient Education

Public Health Nutrition
Social Marketing/Health Communications
Students/New Professionals

Tobacco Prevention & Control

University Faculty

Worksite Health