Graduate Student Research Paper 


Every year, SOPHE recognizes one outstanding graduate student for creative and innovative research as illustrated by completion of a research paper. The recipient will receive a $250 and complimentary registration at the SOPHE Annual Conference, where they are invited to give a conference poster or presentation. 

This award fosters quality graduate student research and provides a mechanism by which to recognize outstanding graduate students for creative and innovative research. The award recipient is encouraged to submit the paper for review to one of SOPHE’s journals: Health Education & Behavior, Health Promotion Practice, or Pedagogy in Health Promotion

The winning paper will be recognized as follows:
  • $250 cash award
  • Award certificate
  • Complimentary registration at the upcoming SOPHE Annual Conference
  • Presentation at the SOPHE Annual Conference (student is responsible for travel expenses) of the research upon which the award is based
  • Recognition of the award in SOPHE’s communication channels
Eligibility requirements:
  • Academic requirements: Students enrolled in a graduate degree program in health education within two years of the submission deadline are eligible for this award.
  • National SOPHE Membership or chapter SOPHE member at time of application (visit to join).
  • Research must be submitted for consideration of publication in the form of a manuscript suitable for publication in either Health Education & Behavior, Health Promotion Practice or Pedagogy in Health PromotionPublication guidelines are included in each journal issue and online.
  • Faculty sponsorship form from the student’s faculty advisor, who must be a SOPHE member in good standing. The form must verify the student is following a course of study in health education or has completed degree requirements within the past two years
  • The submitted paper represents the student’s original work
  • The research was conducted in accordance with the Code of Ethics of the Health Education Profession, Article V: Responsibility in Research and Evaluation.
  • Applicants must indicate their willingness to present the paper at the SOPHE Annual Conference (student is responsible for travel expenses).

Review criteria:

Papers will be reviewed by the SOPHE Awards Committee for their scientific rigor and contribution to health education research and practice. Specific criteria include:

  • Problem: Importance of the research question
  • Ideas: Theoretical base and conceptual contribution
  • Approach: Adequacy and sensitivity of research design and methods, and adherence to ethical standards including demonstration of Institutional Review Board approval
  • Findings: Contribution to existing knowledge
  • Presentation of data: Clear presentation of quantitative or qualitative data linked to the research objectives and research problem
  • Organization: Logical organization of the manuscript
  • Contribution to health education research
  • Contribution to health education

Winners are not automatically published. Award recipients must submit their manuscript to the Editorial Boards of the journals for review.

Application materials should be assembled and submitted as a single PDF document. Free online tools to convert a document to pdf: and 

Questions? Please contact

Application checklist:

  • Completed application 
  • Completed faculty sponsorship form
  • Research paper (including all required elements)
  • Evidence of National SOPHE membership or SOPHE chapter membership
  • Student is willing to present research at an upcoming SOPHE meeting
Awards are recommended by the SOPHE Awards Committee and approved by the executive committee.
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