Chapter Award for Excellence

This award seeks to recognize and publicize creative, effective and replicable methods implemented by SOPHE chapters to deliver one or more core member services. The innovation must be designed for effective delivery of one or more chapter core services. The chapter selected as the recipient will receive a cash award of $250.00.

Eligibility requirements:

  • Any chapter with active designation status in National SOPHE may be nominated.
  • The innovation must be designed for effective delivery of one or more of the following chapter core services: membership, fiscal management, board and leadership development, communications, continuing education, alignment of chapter and national strategic plans, and/or bylaws and policies.
  • The innovation must be implemented (initially or as part of an ongoing activity) during the SOPHE fiscal year in which the chapter is nominated for this award.
  • A nomination letter must be submitted and signed by at least three National SOPHE members in good standing. While it is desirable for at least one of the nominators and a representative of the chapter selected as the award recipient to attend the Awards celebration at the SOPHE Annual Conference, it is recognized that this may not be possible and therefore is not required. However, if they cannot attend, both the nominators and the chapter must designate an individual who is willing and able to represent them at the awards celebration.
Nomination letter requirements:

  • Identify measurable objectives for the innovation
  • Specify which core member service(s) the innovation addresses (membership, fiscal management, board and leadership development, communications, continuing education, alignment of chapter and national strategic plans, and/or bylaws and policies)
  • Provide a clear, detailed description of the innovation as well as how and by whom (i.e., chapter board, committees and/or membership) it was planned, implemented and evaluated
  • Document the effectiveness of the innovation in achieving its objectives
  • State how the innovation may be replicated/adapted by other SOPHE chapters with similar needs/challenges
  • State that the innovation is consistent with the Code of Ethics for the Health Education Profession and Chapter
  • Letter must be signed by at least three national SOPHE members in good standing (these individuals may or may not be members of the nominated chapter).
  • Include, if any other group or organization had a major role in planning, implementing or evaluating the innovation, a letter of support from that group or organization
  • May include up to five pages of written materials related to the implementation of the innovation (optional)
Nomination Instructions:

  • Nomination materials should be assembled and submitted as a single PDF document. Free online tools to convert a document to pdf: and
Nomination check list:

  • Nomination letter (including all required elements) signed by at least 3 National SOPHE members in  good standing
  • Letter from supporting organization (if applicable)
  • Written materials related to implementation of the innovation (optional)
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Awards are recommended by the SOPHE Awards Committee and approved by the executive committee.

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