Clarence E. Pearson Program Excellence Award 

The Society for Public Health Education is accepting nominations for its Clarence E. Pearson Program Excellence Award. This award recognizes outstanding contributions by a program (not an agency) to the practice of health education. Award recipients must demonstrate systematic application of the following components: 

Health education principles including provision of a planned, reinforcing series of educational experiences over time
Involvement of the target population in planning and implementation
A well defined evaluation component

Nomination requirements:

The body of the proposal should be no more than 6-pages of single spaced text; no smaller than 12 point font
Tables, figures, and bulleted lists should be used to summarize information
No more than five appendices can be included. Appendices should be succinct and used judiciously to clarify or expand some aspect of the body of the application 

Document Requirements:

1. Program goals and objectives, including projected impact on risk factors, morbidity, and/or mortality, e.g. a clearly outlined logic model.
2. Assurance that program design, methods, and activities are consistent with the Health Education Profession-wide Code of Ethics. A completed Code of Ethics Assurance form.
3. Demonstration of the involvement of the target population in planning, implementing, and evaluating activities - provide specific examples.
4. Involvement of appropriate community organizations in program planning and implementation - provide specific examples.
5. Provision of a planned series of educational experiences over time - provide agendas, list of topics/sessions.
6. Linkage of program activities to policy advocacy or policy/environmental change - provide specific examples.
7. Evaluation component that includes:

a. Description of evaluation design, e.g., pre-and post test, post test only
b. Description of process, impact and outcome evaluation methods and measures;
c. Description of results and how they provide guidance for further program development

8. Evidence of management support for the program, i.e., letter of support
9. Evidence that program has been in existence for at least three years
10. Description of funding, if applicable.

Letters of Support requirements: 

Three to five letters of support must be included in the nomination packet. Those submitting letters are not required to be SOPHE members. Each letter should describe the following: 

1. The letter writer’s relationship to the program
2. How the Community organization and/or target population was involved in development of the program
3. Success of the program
4. How the program applies principles of health education

Nomination materials should be assembled and submitted as a single PDF document. Free online tools to convert a document to pdf: smallpdf.com and pdfmerge.com

Nomination check list:     

•  Completed nomination form
•  Completed nomination proposal document” (including all required elements)
•  SOPHE Code of Ethics Assurance form
•  If selected, nominator or representative will attend the SOPHE Annual Conference Awards Ceremony
•  3-5 letters of support

Questions? Please contact jbuckley@sophe.org

Awards are recommended by the SOPHE Awards Committee and approved by the executive committee.

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