Why Exhibit at SOPHE’s Annual Conference?

Exhibits are an integral part of the SOPHE Annual Conference. You will find 800-900 health education professionals and their colleagues searching for resources and products from groups like yours. SOPHE’s Annual Conference attendees are educators, communicators, and decision-makers in various work settings of health education and health promotion. SOPHE members are well-educated, certified, experienced decision-makers poised to address the changing health environment and the needs of the community.  

Organizations in Demand by SOPHE Annual Conference Attendees:

 °   Colleges & Universities   °   Hospitals & Clinics 
 °   Professional Associations  °   Nonprofit Organizations
 °   Federal, State & Local Agencies  °   Consulting Firms
 °   Businesses & Corporations  °   Contractors
 °   Publishers  °   Community Coalitions
 °   Fitness/Wellness Companies  °   Prevention Research Center


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