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  • Supports thousands of dedicated health education specialists.
  • Provides scholarships to students pursuing careers in health education and health promotion.
  • Delivers professional opportunities to members of the public health and health education fields. 
  • Encourages the next generation of health education specialists.
  • Is tax-deductible. The Society for Public Health Education is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. 

SOPHE Donation Funds

♦ 21st Century Scholarship Fund

Your donation provides up to $800 in financial support to full-time undergraduate and graduate level students and practitioners to attend SOPHE's Annual Conference [spring] or SOPHE's Annual Advocacy Summit [fall]. These opportunities expose students and practitioners to the latest learnings in the field of health education, health promotion and advocacy.

♦ SOPHE's Legacy Circle Fund

Your donation is crucial in supporting SOPHE's future goals related to health education, health promotion, research and practice - the cornerstone for innovation and improving the public's health. Read more>

♦ SOPHE's Advocacy Initiative Fund

Your donation supports SOPHE's advocacy activities for public policies conducive to health and wellness for all.

♦ SOPHE's Heritage Fund

Your donation supports SOPHE's 70 years of global leadership to health education and health promotion. The project highlights major events, success and accomplishments.


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